Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Food: Open Faced Baguette Sandwiches

...... because decorating, entertaining, shopping for presents, helping out at school, nursing sick children, getting out Christmas cards, baking treats, and all the rest can leave a momma downright exhausted this month..... I'm pulling out the quick and easy recipes.  This is what we'll be having for dinner tonight.....

The kids will enjoy a simpler version with pizza sauce and cheese and I'll throw in a mixed green salad and fruit..... with the promise of hot cocoa and a Christmas show afterwards.... I don't think anyone will be the wiser that I didn't spend an hour in the kitchen preparing dinner (there's time to resolve to become a gourmet chef in the new year, after all!)

Do you have a secret to keeping your holiday cheer this season?


  1. Yum - I think your favorite sounds the best. Can't resist anything with fig jelly!

  2. Ok... what are cornichons? Think we'll give this a try this weekend. Thanks!

  3. This is perfect Crissy! I just did this the other day for an event I was hosting. You are right :) so easy and everyone likes it!

  4. Sounds so good and love the fact that it is easy!

  5. i'm drooling! I LOVE ARUGULA! have you ever had it fresh?! have you ever grown it!? if you have any outside space even a box flower bed plant some arugula seeds! They grow so fast and take no tending!!

    1. I love it too... They use it a lot here in Geneva... I especially like it atop my pizza! I'll have to try and grow some.

  6. yum...and pretty. Great idea! Have never grown aruglua....but based on the above comment, it sounds like another great idea.

  7. I'm dying!!!!! This looks amazing!!


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