Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Gift Giving...... for him

..... so, my guy often jokingly accuses me of buying him gifts that are really "for me".... meaning clothes that I would like to see him in, cologne I would like him to wear, tools that would help him do things that I'd like done..... you get the picture.  And, when I think about it, I'd have to say "guilty as charged" of my well-intentioned albeit misguided gifts.  So here's to you honey...... gifts I know would make you happy this year....

vintage tee for his team, Old Spice body wash, tickets to a sporting event, TRX gear, peanuts, custom designed Nikes (although I'd let him do the designing), a subscription to a magazine for his favorite sport or hobby, and, yes, me in this....

Doesn't make for the prettiest of posts.... that's for sure.... but he doesn't care about that anyway.
What does your guy really want this Christmas?


  1. My hubby would be happy if he only got the first item.......great ideas!

  2. Yep, hate to be so unoriginal... but... my hubby would be happy if he only got the first item as well! Might also really LOVE those ND tickets! He's getting a tervis tumbler, football ornament, flash drive, and gym shoes instead.

  3. Oh goodness! I can sure use some ideas for my husband ~ thanks Crissy!

  4. I will always go for the last one you listed! You are the best gift. Love you.

  5. I did a great job on stocking stuffers, candy, stuff to clean his car, etc, but as far as real gifts, nothing. He just bought a truck so I think we're good.

  6. guilty here as well! I think that lingerie would make up for many years of mis-guided gifts. Brilliant


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