Thursday, December 13, 2012

Beauty & the Beast (aka Hair)......

on my head.. and my eyebrows.... I almost hyperventilated yesterday when I showed up to an eyebrow waxing appointment and discovered the woman spoke no English (yes, the woman I booked the appointment with did but she was nowhere to be found...)  This is not a case where hand gestures, smiles and head nodding suffice.....I literally held my breath as she applied the wax strips silently praying that she understood me to say "not too thin" instead of "I want them thin"....  

And, yes, this experience should probably deter me from trying out a new hairstyle until I'm back home next summer but you know how it is once you've made up your mind..... I'm stuck in a rut and need a new style asap.  This is the look I'm longing (or should I say going much shorter) for.....

Now, I'm no Olivia, Gwyneth or Alexa; but this time around I'll be taking these photos with me in the hopes that the stylist can work her magic on little ol' me .... and pronounce at the end like the woman doing my brows did.... "tres jolie! tres jolie!"..... The alternative?.... my hair will look like the end of a mop.   :)   I'll keep you "post"ed. 

Have you ever taken a photo in to show a stylist what you wanted?
How did it turn out?


  1. haaaaaaa, you are very brave! Sure your eyebrows are tres jolie, so funny. Oh but you do favor Gwyneth...go for it

  2. Too funny! I would have closed my eyes and prayed! That style will be absolutely darling - can't wait for the reveal, as we say in the blogging world! :)

  3. OH are brave! How did the eye brows come out? I love that hair cut..the style would be so cute on you....

  4. Oh yes and they always say "that's a style, not a cut". They're right, Drat.

  5. What? I would have been out of there and plucking away by the bathroom mirror! Perfect hairstyles for you! Can't wait to see the new look.

  6. How about something where you are no longer a slave to the straighnter. Let's see those natural curls incorporated. Try it! It's only hair. ;)

  7. Oh Crissy, I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall! Any of those styles would look great on you. I want to see you hair wavy. Make sure you show us your "do"!

  8. My hair is kinda like Oliva's... This is so funny Crissy because I totally know what you are saying here . Communicating with the hairdresser is so important! So, YES I have taken photos in. I started getting grey hair in my late 20's and my hair is course (talk about a mop if not groomed properly!)~factor in my age, and things are a challenge to say the least.

    These photos are perfect and you will look gorgeous when finished :)

    Thanks for visiting today and sounds like you are enjoying some delicious food in Switzerland!


  9. I take photos in all the time! Sometimes it works....others still not quite the picture exactly. :( either way it always grows back! Best of luck! You'll look beautiful anyway!


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