Monday, November 12, 2012

The View from Here.....

A Photo a Day:  Week 45

Filed under "things I learned from my 2nd grader"....... Remembrance Day observed on November 11 by the Commonwealth countries (also as Veterans Day in the U.S.); the poppies one of the first things that bloomed on the battlefields following WWI and memorializing the blood shed in the war;
My beautiful budding equestrian;
Memento/inspiration..... a growing collage capturing all of the restaurants and hotels from our travels (with printstagrams capturing the cities and dates);
What a difference two weeks makes;
..... something I will hold dear 'til my dying day..... these sisters;
My two youngest finally get their first haircut after 4 months...... and it might be their last..... 80 franc (or $84 US)...... at the mall...... no shampoo..... in only 7 minutes.....and not a great cut...... ouch.
I sure would love some comfort food (my oldest and I actually spent minutes dreaming this week about what we would order off the Cracker Barrel menu if we were there..... yes, sad, but true)...... but I have to settle for comfort clothes....

Better than honor or glory, 
and History’s iron pen,
Was the thought of duty done 
the love of his fellow-men.

- Richard Watson Gilder


  1. Why is Drew Lachey cutting the babe's hair? Can't find work? No wonder the cuts weren't up to par!

  2. Ha! You're right. I didn't notice at the time because I was too distracted by the piercing in between his teeth!

  3. I am dying about the price of those haircuts!!!!! I bet you could do just a good of job.

  4. so lovely. Bet you can whip up some Cracker Barrel for the girls ha


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