Monday, November 05, 2012

The View from Here....

A Photo a Day:  Week 44

....ended up with this planner and I absolutely love it.... perfect for keeping track of the family schedule... and can even be monogrammed :);
this is what happens when you aren't prepared.....having to buy all three girls snow boots in a resort town;
my guy and a well deserved beer after patiently enduring the aforementioned shopping detour and accompanying bill;
Halloween crafts abounded at our house; including a homemade costume for a beloved stuff animal;
sadly, however, my idea of "dressing up" for Halloween was more like this: a spooky scarf, some dark polish, and a big bauble;
I hope whoever said "cold hands, warm heart" was right;
our Halloween Mad Hatter and princess (a smaller princess wasn't cooperating for photos);
a continuation of my habit of taking photos of the back of my girls' heads looking out at something wonderful;
 my "something wonderful"..... seeing them walking together.....

Happy Monday everyone!.... it's sure to be an eventful week in the U.S. with the election and the continued recovery from Sandy..... history in the making.  


  1. I love Love Love your blog
    Yous Have a new follower From Chile

  2. That planner cover could sway me whether the format worked or not! Yikes, your guy certainly is deserving! Your trick or treaters couldn't be cuter!

  3. The planner is wonderful, love the cover. Had to laugh when you said what your idea of dressing for Halloween was :) We had a neighborhood event and I just wasn't in to it this year. Lol!


  4. Uggggh, when all 3 kids need shoes at once (which often happens), the money just vanishes.

  5. their boots look great! Looking up that planner now...super cool


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