Thursday, November 29, 2012

Gift Giving: Art Prints

A gallery wall somewhere beckons for a touch of whimsy, inspiration, or just plain loveliness with the addition of an art print this season.... 

Wishbone, Grace not PerfectionFrench Girl;  English Lit Ideal BookshelfFaith, Hope, Love;  Four EyesTop Knot; Arrow

With great prints and frames so readily available and surprisingly inexpensive these days.... it's easy to find something befitting of a loved one and his/her interests (like the above pieces are for me)....
I wouldn't mind finding one under my tree. :)


  1. Sorry, friend... still not a fan of that wishbone. Maybe because I'm so traumatized by the turkey preparation each year? :) Crackin up!

  2. love the touches of gold in your selections. Will your Prince Charming be reading Prints Charming? Fingers crossed you get your wish...bone ha

  3. Love the whimsy of them too, I'm on the hunt for a fun conversation piece for my kitchen!

  4. Ooh la the smart looking French girl!

  5. Loving all this - especially the one with the glasses. Stay warm!

  6. These are so great. I love the top knot and bookshelf. I think they'd make a bunch of people I know super smiley.


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