Thursday, November 01, 2012

Feeling Sheepish?......

....... a lot of cafes in Europe are.  And, who can blame them for trying to extend the longevity of outdoor dining by enticing customers with comfort and warmth in sheepskin adorned chairs?  

seems to be trending indoors as well.......


..... I have to admit that while I love it outdoors,  I'm not completely sold on moving my sheepskin from the floor to the chair indoors...... however, I'm pretty sure my tween daughter would love it on the ghost chair in her room.  Thanks to Ikea, it's an inexpensive trend to try-out.

What do you think?
Shear madness or Shear delight? :)


  1. While I love it, I'm on the fence wondering if it's too trendy. Certainly looks cozy though!

  2. looks girls would have sucker sticks and who knows what embedded in one in no time. Another great ikea find from you

    1. oh..... i thought about the lollipops too...... yuck!

  3. Gosh, thought you were talking about your house guest at first... sheepish? Thinkin... what shenanigans are going on in Switerland? :)

    My gramps had a real sheepskin on the floor for the longest time. I loved it then but it kinda grosses me out now. Wonder what ever happened to it? Maybe the fake kind would make me feel better.


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