Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Swiss Home Tour: Dining Room

Given the small size of our home, I can't believe it is taking me so long to show you all around!   

Next up is the dining room.... a hive of activity in our home here..... it's where we it doubles as a foyer where the shoes get thrown off, the coats get hung,  the groceries and "stuff" get plopped down, the kids do homework, the bills get paid, and, oh yeah.... we eat all our meals. 

..... another example of using what we already had..... pillows from the foyer, a bench from the bedroom, artwork and lamps from around the house....  The thing I miss most from my dining room in the States is my round table...... but I'm thinking fireside dining will make up for it this Winter. :)

How about your dining room?
Hard-working? or Hardly ever?


  1. Ah, feels like home to me. What is the white thing hanging on the wall by your door? Heating?

    1. Why yes, it is the heating.... similar to the radiators in the States. I actually love this kind of heat.

  2. Wow, Crissy ~ where to begin, those rustic beams and your artwork makes such a great statement, a great mix of classic Crissy with a little whimsy all while being functional and homey!

  3. It is beautiful! I would love to spend time in this room. Our dining room is also very hardworking. My table is very similar to yours, but no beautiful fireplace, beamed ceilings and stone floors. Enjoy your time there!

  4. I can't believe how beautiful you have made this home away from home. It seems so warm and inviting. Love those pillows!

  5. oh this is stunning! job well done!

    ok dining rooms lol. we have 2 a formal and an eat in. we eat at the table in the kitchen every day. We almost never eat in the "fancy room" room lol but it is the first thing people see when thy come in so I dont want to change it to a play room or sitting room. seems like such a water of space.

  6. oh my gosh-what a beautiful place! that corner fireplace looks awesome-hope yall enjoy it with the cooler weather!!!

  7. I really love your dining room and need you to come decorate my house! Our dining room gets used about five times a week for dinner and the rest of the time it's filled with craft projects. But it's so not cute and functional like yours.


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