Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Postcards from.....

Ok...... so we're ratcheting back a bit the awe-inspiring landscapes in this "post"cards to make way for some rainy bovine fun we had this past weekend; taking part in Des Alpes (meaning "from the Alps") in Saint Cergue.  A long-standing tradition in many Swiss villages;  it signals the end of summer and is a celebration of bringing the herds down to lower altitudes in preparation for the winter.  Every few minutes local farmers dressed in traditional garb parade their cows, decorated with huge bells and flowers (they literally looked like miniature Christmas trees), thru the streets to the delight of onlookers feasting on raclette and shopping for local cheeses, wines, wooden cows and such... (although I must say I lost my appetite during the cow processional..... no need to go into details).   Definitely not something I ever thought I'd see in my lifetime but something I'll likely never forget!


  1. That looks like so much fun! I am sure the whole cow thing was a sight to see.

  2. Ok this looks so neat! It looks freezing cold there too!

  3. I'm coming with Lucy for a visit! We can be very amusing...after you've had a cocktail that is

    1. Ha!..... so it was the cows that finally wooed you both into wanting to come...... interesting. :)


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