Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Organize: 2013 Desk Planners

I could hardly believe it this morning when I turned the page of my calendar and it read "October 2".  Whether we like it or not, the year is making haste and I find myself already needing to note plans and commitments in the new year.  Still a die hard paper calendar girl;  I'm on the hunt for a cheerful and well-designed planner to capture them all.  Here are the front-runners.....


How about you?
"nouveau" electronic or "old school" paper?


  1. I'm an old school paper - love getting my new organizer every year and I always wait until we go to NYC in December - such a treat!

  2. Old school ~ and how I look forward to all those fresh, clean pages!

  3. paper is so pretty!! but i abandoned it and went for the iphone calendar. but im in huge trouble if i ever lost it!!

  4. I use a paper lilly pulitzer version.


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