Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Fall Must Have #8: Minnetonka Moccs

It has been a long time since my feet have been as happy as they were this week when I slipped them into a new pair of Minnetonka moccasins..... so happy to be reunited with this classic brand.....  

....... especially since I've spent the last three days clutching my husband's arm for dear life as we navigated thru 3 feet of (unexpected) snow and ice in Zermatt, Switzerland in my no tread riding boots..... every muscle in my body hurts from the tension of trying not to fall..... 

note to self...... order a pair of these pronto!


  1. oh no, but I bet you looked fabulous in your boots...even if a little wobbly. What a great excuse to order some cool Sorel boots. What about the girls...will they be getting some too?

    1. Ha!.....no, definitely not fabulous. But, yes, all three girls scored some at a ski shop within minutes of our arrival.... great styles for kids and they were perfect in the snow and ice.

    2. must share a photo of girls in their boots, stylish I'm sure

  2. Wish I still had my high school moccasins to show off! Think our friend LR had at least five pairs! :)

  3. Wonderful! They look so comfy. I agree.. the snow walks are definitely a work out ;)


  4. Oh no! Hope this isn't a sign of a tough winter, but hey, I guess in Switzerland you need the heaviest snow apparel and shoes! Happy preparing, and take care!
    xo Nancy


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