Monday, September 24, 2012

The View from here.....

A Photo a Day:  Week 38

Saturday morning jam(mie) session;
ode to the French pastries..... this time around a scrumptious cream filled birthday cake for my guy compliments of his office;
in the middle of the busiest square in downtown Geneva.... my girl, yes, reads;
Swiss wardrobe workhorses.... wellies and a slicker.... as the Brits say;
making the most of another favorite Swiss past-time... tennis;
Date night cuisine.... a tri-colore pizza (arugula, ricotta, and fresh tomatoes).... YUM!;
loving all the bow accessories this season;
oh.... and I'd like you to meet our neighbors..... it's true.... they all wear bells here.... and I love the jingling sound coming down from the hills

I hope everyone enjoyed the first weekend of Fall!


  1. your wellies and slicker so chic...suddenly very hungry wanting a pastry

  2. Your little reader makes me smile ~ love a kiddo that beats to their own drum. Date night looks delish, too!

  3. Lovely Crissy, I really enjoy seeing what you post each day. Looks like you're loving life, and that is so wonderful.
    xo Nancy


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