Friday, September 21, 2012

Interiors: Cozy Up

It's that time of year again.... my favorite.... when the air turns brisk... beckoning me to pull out the warm throws, order firewood, stock up on hot cocoa and delicious smelling candles, gather hearty chili and casserole recipes and, in general, prep for more hours spent cuddling indoors.   For me, having my home referred to as "cozy" is the highest compliment..... because it generally means that one would like to "pull up a chair and stay a while"...... and what could be more flattering than that?

When I think of "cozy" in decorating terms.... two things generally come to mind.... Ralph Lauren (I mean he's the definition of old school warmth, no?)....  and, less obviously, this color palette...... camel, black & white (not navy.... gasp!)... infused with leather, brass and woven accents.....

...... which makes me think of High Street Market.... my "go-to" to for amazing vintage and new furniture and accessory inspiration with a classic, yet "homey" feel.  Here are some of my current favorites....


Does a certain color palette say "cozy" to you?

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. I need that room in the second picture, such a charming entryway.

  2. that hook is adorable. I have fall is it different, or is it, in Switzerland? Would love to see your new home, sure it is cozy....although, it sounds like y'all have been busy soaking up the culture outside rather than sitting at home ha

    1. In general, it seems Switzerland trends about 10 degrees cooler than Cincinnati (our home in the States). I'm excited to see the fall foliage here. Stay tuned for a home tour next week.....

  3. I adore the 2nd image of the entry with the brick. One of my favorite images.

  4. Love it all - I wish someone could come style my house!


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