Monday, September 17, 2012

The view from here.......

A Photo a Day:  Week 37

No words....... just smiles;
The inaugural entry in our guest book.... so grateful for our first visitor this past week;
More often than "knot".....;
quite a departure from this..... but that's the great thing about art, right?... I couldn't resist this painting either when I spotted it in a French antique shop;
it's almost harvest time in our neighborhood...... what a nice surprise to discover we moved to one of the most important wine producing regions of Switzerland;
the definition of "storybook"......;
my name is Crissy and I have a problem with navy, and stripes.... and yes...gelato.... which I am apparently passing on to my children;
.... and you might as well add my newly discovered pot de creme while you are at it;
forget car envy....... bike and basket are the name of the game here;

Best wishes for "good things" for you today!


  1. Glad to see 'life is good' in your little hood! :)

  2. love that painting...a treasure. I think the Switzerland tourism board should hire you....making a lot of folks want to visit, gorgeous

  3. funny, we thought it was martha who coined "good things" -
    great images -


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