Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Fashion: Take Heart.....

........ so I've already gushed about this sweater a couple of weeks ago..... but I need to spread the love to this one as well...... an unexpected and whimsical spin on the elbow patch trend that is making a reappearance this season..... and, for which I am always game....

..... and speaking of "game"...... I'd love to balance the "cuteness" of this sweater with the edginess of this leopard print clutch.....

... a little sweet & spicy combo...
.... as I've been typing this I've developed a strong craving for a salted caramel mocha from Starbucks.... oh, how I miss those.....

Happy Wednesday!


  1. That clutch is just the right amount of animal print for me!

    I broke down and bought the Old Navy sweater to fit over my baby bump. It's adorable, I've received several compliments and I think I'm going to go back for the grey/pink combo! It's so fun!

  2. I bet you look darling! Thanks again for your sweet offer to get me one. One is heading my way compliments of my mom.... and my husband actually surprised me with the French Hen last week.

  3. Too cute, an easy diy, too! As for the salted caramel mocha, I hadn't thought I needed one until you shared your craving! :)

  4. I love love love that clutch!


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