Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Entertaining: The Cabinet Bar....., I know bar carts are all the rage.... and I love them too.... but if I were devising an SAT analogy it would go something like this...

a bar cart is to a Fiat as this spectacular red and black cabinet bar is to a Ferrari......

House Beautiful Magazine

words do not describe how much I love Mary McDonald's bar..... in fact, I've carried the torn out magazine page with me all the way to Switzerland.  If this were sitting in my house.... I think I would be found perpetually dressed in Kate Spade, Pimm's Cup in one hand, and penning invitations to my next soiree (and using words like "soiree") with the other one. :)  Name your price all you great thrifters and DIY'ers..... I have a feeling you could pull this off and I'd be buying!


  1. I love that cabinet - definitely could do it with the right piece.

  2. that cabinet is a "wow" for sure. love it. donna

  3. Perfectly stated!! Love that analogy!!

  4. I, too love the bar cart but this is magnificent. And totally doable!

  5. Hi Crissy,

    What a wonderful idea! I love the color and style of this piece.

  6. How fabulous and fun to swing open those doors.....would you like a drink? :) Thanks for your visit, Crissy ~
    Cheers from DC!

  7. love your colorful bar! very inviting


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