Monday, July 02, 2012

The View from Here.....

Week 26:   A Photo a Day (The Good Life)

An early morning Squinkie parade;
I hope to finish this entertaining selection from their list this week;
Double duty..... watering the lawn and sponsoring some afternoon fun;
so happy Ashtyn got to spend the week at this amazing camp;
Marlowe officially moved into a big girl's bed and into Holden's room in preparation for Switzerland;
which makes this view bittersweet..... outside looking in to her nursery and my favorite light fixture;
my traditional souvenir from our beach vacation.... a piece of the sea..... this year.... coral;
summer favorites..... chunky jewelry and simple clutches;
bidding "adieu" to one of our cars after 14 years..... many more farewells to come in the next three weeks.

Happy July everyone!  


  1. love these sweet snapshots...looking into the nursery brings tears

  2. Such great images and love the quote...great reminder!!

  3. clutch and coral...muy bueno!

  4. Happy July. I adore the land of cribs big kid beds are. Tough lol


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