Sunday, July 29, 2012

The View from Here......

A Photo a Day:  Week 30  (.... this time, a slightly different (and dare I say, more fun) type of Jet...)

......Geneva's famous Jet d' Eau, perhaps the most recognized landmark of the city outside of the majestic Swiss Alps.  In a week full of firsts for us and the girls, we thought it only appropriate to properly introduce them to their new home with a visit to walk the lake and experience its beauty.  Only a few minutes drive from our new home, I imagine we'll be spending quite a bit of time admiring her.  But, alas, what I'm admiring most these last few days are genuine smiles on my girls' faces.  (Can you hear my gigantic sigh of relief?!?)    


  1. MK HenniganJuly 29, 2012

    Thought I would pop in and see if you had any pictures of your new home and what a thrill to see those smiles. Looking forward to see what "your" Switzerland looks like. Enjoy the ride and don't worry we will keep life in the Fort in check.

  2. these pictures are going to create a surge of friends wanting visit you and your beautiful city!

  3. Happy to see all of your smiles!

  4. So glad to see everyone happily enjoying what your beautiful new home has to offer! Can't wait for more... :)

  5. Anywhere close to the sea is great. A positive attitude makes all the difference with so many changes going on, seeing your girls makes me realize all will be well.

  6. Yes! I do hear a sigh of relief Crissy :) Adorable pics and so glad you are settling in.


  7. awww crissy i love these!! i am sure they are taking it in day by day as you all are. we hope to see chris when he gets home ( this week??) at least i hope..i know lance will get too! miss you bunches



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