Monday, July 23, 2012

And We're Off......

A couple of months ago, Jennifer of one of my favorite daily reads, JCWebb Studios, sent me this photo.  At the time, it made me smile but seemed something still far off and a bit surreal.  Yet, the weeks have inevitably gone by and we've found ourselves with one way tickets in hand.  Saying good-bye to family and friends has been incredibly difficult but we continue to hold on to the belief that God has great plans for us in our little corner of Switzerland.  To be continued.....  



  1. how sweet! Best wishes and safe travels. Seriously cannot wait to read your Switzerland posts...the "view from here" will surely be spectacular

    Enjoy your family adventure!

  2. BE BLESSED my sweet friend!!!! Thinking of you and your family as you embark on your grand new ADVENTURE!
    Can't wait to hear from you from "afar" :)
    Prayers for safe travels and settling in happily!
    Lots of love..
    your friend,

  3. Wishing you and your sweet family a safe trip, Crissy! What an exciting chapter you're embarking on, can't wait to see and read your adventures in Switzerland!

  4. Oh good luck to you all - I can't wait to read about your adventures. It will be amazing...I am sure!

  5. Chills!!! How lucky are we to enjoy your experiences through your blog. I can't wait for you to get up and running... safe travels to your sweet family! xo

  6. Lily came home today and said that Ashton was on a plane headed to your next adventure, wishing you well. I look forward to seeing all the moments unfold on your blog!
    Love MK

  7. Thanks everyone for all of your well-wishes. I truly appreciate it!

  8. It's so easy to get caught up in the excitement of it all that I forget you will be so missed by all those who love you so. At least they can keep up with you through your lovely blog.


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