Monday, April 09, 2012

The View from Here........

A Photo a Day:  Week 14 (I might be a tad bit country)

Priority #1 a pedicure and summer sandals...... a Southern girl's must have.... Saltwater Sweetheart;
Yes, these words came out of my mouth "Do you want to go to lunch at Joe Mamas?";
Let the games begin!;
Gardening with Memaw....... do you think this flower will fit in my hair?;
Everything tastes better when wearing an Easter bonnet;
I never knew I could fall for an out-house..... my cousin's;
I still cannot read this without giggling;
Did I mention.........?
A trip to the Bass Pro Shop for entertainment; new best friend.... a smiling catfish;
Yes ma'am!!!......

Hey ya'll! :)  I hope you had a wonderful weekend with your family.  Last week was all about Spring Break for us...... Marlowe and I spent the week with my parents in Alabama while my two oldest spent the week in Atlanta with their other "memaw".  Wow, it does the soul good to break routine sometimes and just relax with family.   This week it's back to business....... feeling renewed.


  1. It sounds like a wonderful break...loving all of the images!! We spent ours with family on the most beautiful of weekends ~ Happy Monday!

  2. Where did you get your mini's cute little sandals. I need a pair stat!

  3. Yes to those pedicures! My toes haven't seen light since last summer. Glad you had a nice weekend and sweet pics!


  4. I think you are raising some sweet southern belles...saltwater sandals, Bass Pro Shop and BBQ. How I miss gardening with my Mema!

  5. Saltwater sandals are the best, I have them in every size for my 2 girls. Emry is 11 and doesn't wear them anymore and Lila is 9 and still has a brown pair but they will probably be her last. So sad, but such good memories.

  6. How fun! Your little girl is precious!


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