Monday, March 05, 2012

The View from Here......

A Photo a Day:  Week 9 (aka This-N-That)

So happy to be seeing brights in the stores again..... got a steal on this BCBG Maxazria ruffle front coat  ......$29!  Don't you love getting a great deal?;
Marlowe among her favorite companions..... books;
My sweet girl.... yes she has on fake eyelashes and lipstick following a dance competition; NO, I am NOT one of those "Dance Moms";
However, I am a mom who feeds her kids Fruit Loops for breakfast sometimes...... a great invention for kids.... the cereal bowl with straw attached;
A cheerful helping of Vitamin C;
Chris to Marlowe:  "Do you mind following up on a few of my e:mails while I read this?" :);
A continuation on a theme and maybe one of my favorite photos of all time; Marlowe catching up on the Weekend Arts section of the New York Times! 

My favorite quote from this weekend:

Me to Holden:  I love how perky you always are in the morning.
Marlowe upon hearing me:  Holdie's a "perkypine"!

Happy Monday!


  1. Lucky you, that pink jacket is TOO cute! As is your adorable family...perkypine, I love it!

  2. Loving your bargain coat and your Marlowe...precious!!

  3. I love the pic of her reading the NY Times.

  4. Wow what a deal you got on such a cute jacket, and you captured some great shots. Marlowe reading the newspaper is precious & funny wrapped into one.

  5. This whole post made me smile! That coat is adorable, and bowls with straws attached were the best :) You have such a beautiful family!

  6. Great coat and love that Daddy-Daughter picture - those moments.. Looks like a wonderful start to a new week!

  7. your kids are adorable & "perky"pine too! ok...that coat, I'm jealous! $29?!!!! I've been looking for that shade of pink, gotta trek to BCBG soon!

  8. Beautiful family!! Love your blog. Newest reader!

  9. hehe I would love to spend some time at your house. So sweet!


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