Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Interiors: Christopher Peacock's actually the Google search that introduced me to blogs back in 2009.  We were in the process of renovating our home when I came across a print ad (this was pre-Pinterest mind you :)) showcasing one of his beautiful kitchens and I had to find out more....... with his trademark elements such as white cabinetry with amazing detailing, marble counters and exquisite hardware; his work quickly became the piece de resistance of kitchen aspiration and inspiration for me throughout our renovation.

Yet, not unlike the pregnant woman who by month nine is dying to get out of her maternity clothes because she's so sick of looking at and wearing them; I have rarely looked back to his work following the birth completion of our home....... until today when I went to his site to see his most recent portfolio.  And let me tell you, I'm ready for another baby! :)  Check it out:

great sight lines

stunning hardware

his personal kitchen; almost identical to the one I carried around with me for months

a master at mixing dark and light woods

yes, yes and yes!

perfect symmetry

beautiful oversize armoires

Hope everyone is having a great week!  


  1. the "birth of home", love that....and thankful for Pinterest, no more clumsy notebooks stuffed with magazine clippings

    Going to check out your "my home" link now for inspiration...will likely be pinning all

  2. Great post.! I love everything he does! I've been so busy I haven't' had much time lately for browsing pinterest! I hadn't seen half of these. I'll have to check out his website.

  3. Those kitchens are gorgeous. I have sandpaper granite and I so wish I would have went with a pale white & gray marble. Don't mean to complain, I just love how clean and inviting it is, very cozy.

  4. What stunning spaces - every single one would be a delight to live in!

  5. I love all of those kitchens, especially the one that mixes the light and dark wood!


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