Monday, February 13, 2012

The View from Here......

A Photo A Day:  Week 6 (aka "Have a Heart")

Wow!  it's Monday again.  I hope everyone had a great weekend hanging out with family and friends or doing some pre-Valentine's celebrating. ...... in honor of Valentine's Day this week, thought it would be fun to capture some hearts around our home...... luckily they weren't hard to come by. :)  

Metal Heart sculpture; an anniversary present for my guy last year; inscribed "Happily Ever After" in French;
Hugs and Kisses cookie style;
Hearts for Haiti; beautiful hand carved stones benefiting local artisans in Haiti;
the hand heart my girls associate with Taylor Swift;
the perfect after-school snack;
Marlowe says....I heart Elmo;
an extremely dangerous bowl of jelly hearts; thank goodness I only buy these once a year!;
the greatest love story ever told..... the Bible;
Holden's waffle syrup formed a heart two days this week; I'm sure physics could somehow explain this but I prefer to believe that someone up above wanted to start her day off with a bit of magic;
Sad but true....the only non-food Valentine decoration we own; a gingham heart garland.

Do you have a favorite heart in your home?


  1. Aaaah this is so beautiful! Hope you have a great Valentine's Day!

  2. Beautiful collage! The egg with the heart shaped yolk is too cute! I'm loving the conversation hearts in our house. My husband calls them "chalk candy," but I love them!

  3. we heart Elmo around here too...soooo cute

  4. Look at those heart knee patches! So cute! Have a wonderful Valentine's day!

  5. Just the cutest! Love all the hearts, especially Marlowe's Elmo pants! :)

  6. I filled up a jar with conversation hearts from the dollar store. They were meant as decoration but my kids keep eating them and they are almost gone. I love the heart patches on your little girls jeans, so very cute.


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