Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Interiors: Home for the Holidays

It makes no difference to me if the holiday decor of a home is fancy, simple, country, contemporary, all white, metallic or multi-colored...... I love each one if it captures the heart of the home's family....... traditions established thru the years, smells of favorite foods, memories of loved ones.....  I like decorating that is personal for it's those things that truly make friends and family feel at home and create an atmosphere of warmth.

Here's a glimpse of our family's story as told thru our Christmas decor:

the fresh green wreath on our front door has been a gift from my husband's aunt and uncle for (I believe) the last 16 years.  I look forward to receiving it the first of December each year.

The army of nutcrackers comes complements of my mom who gives one to each of my girls each year.  Soon they will invade another shelf!  If you look closely you'll spot a few homemade ones gracing the front row.

Yes, this is about the 8th year Santa will be asked to bring a "live" dog....... so funny that my kids feel the need to point out the distinction because we have a few of the stone variety around the house.  Just for kicks, we dress them up for the holidays and we remind the girls that Santa doesn't bring animals.... :)

I've mentioned before about how receiving Christmas cards is one of my favorite holiday traditions.  My sister-in-law and I have the habit of sitting down after brunch on Christmas day and going thru the cards to pick out our favorite of the year.  I wrap my cards with a piece of ribbon each year and attach a note card with the year so that I can look back and reminisce in the future.

I remember being totally mesmerized by the manger under our tree as a child.  Rightly so, there was something magical about seeing the Christ child under the glimmering Christmas tree lights.  Normally, I place the manger scene atop a table but this year it found its place under our tree again so that the girls (especially Marlowe who yells out "baby Jesus!" each time she sees one) can get a better look.

A couple of years ago I decided to "let go" of my perfectionist tendencies when it comes to the tree.  It's truly the thing my girls get the most excited about and want to participate in...... so let the ornaments get hung where they may..... my girls do the decorating and I resist the urge to move things around...... actually the overall effect is much more delightful with their shrinky dinks and school projects randomly placed throughout (or clumped together on one branch at the bottom) :)!

holiday aprons...... a must for Christmas creations like gingerbread houses, cookies, and crafting with the kids. 

I've posted before about how I love presents and enjoy placing them atop books and other nooks throughout the house.  Even my stocking holders have adopted the pretty package theme.

The remainder of our holiday decor is truly a reflection of me and my love for the color red, the simplicity of berries and plaid

A  guest bathroom sconce wrapped in a scrap of wrapping paper from years ago and adorned with a berry wreath

My usual grocery store flowers replaced with stems of glass and other berries for a festive look.

The windows in my kitchen and french doors get berry wreaths. 

Artwork is switched out to festive holiday plates.

A plaid umbrella tucked in 

another berry wreath.......

...... and another (you get the picture!) :)

plaid runner and ribbons dress up a normally simple table

fresh greenery (with fake berries worked in) adorns the mantle 

The guest room gets a flourish of red

and last, but certainly not least, a fire plays a key role in our holiday gatherings.  Whether we are sitting, eating, making s'mores or just busily involved in other activities; there is nothing quite like hearing the crackling of a fire and enjoying it's warm glow.

There truly is no place like home for the holidays!


  1. What a beautiful and inspiring home!! So glad to discover your blog through Simple Details.

  2. Your home is beautiful! I am visiting thru Pam's blog Simple Details.

  3. gorgeous!!!! Loving all the greenery and plaid!

  4. Where can I find the concrete dog head? Absolutely LOVE!

    1. Betsy, Hi. I purchased the dog head from a cute shop called "Quince & Quinn" in Cincinnati, Ohio a few years back....


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