Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Art: Kiki and Polly

and while we are on the subject........ one of my favorite things the Internet has provided in recent years is more ready access to reasonably priced art from great artists that one might not otherwise have been exposed to.  I've recently fallen for the paintings of Lisa Golightly at her shop Kiki and Polly on Etsy.  What attracts me most to her work is the simplicity of the pieces combined with the  sweet, sometimes playful moments she depicts.   

"At the Swing"

"All Together"

"The Woman in Red Heels"


"Double Dutch"
"All in a Row"

Amazingly her prints sell for only $10 and most originals are a mere $115!  
A great gift for the art lover on your list!  


  1. Please tell me you are getting the print of the swing in honor of Holden. It's a must in my book.

  2. Wonderful art pieces. Cant believe she sells them for 10 dollars!


Thanks for sharing!