Monday, November 07, 2011

Mirrors on Windows

Each morning as I put my make-up on, I stand by the window in my bathroom with tiny compact in one hand; mascara wand in the other.... my back turned to the marble vanity, large mirror and cool sconces installed during a recent renovation.  Why?..... 1) to ensure that I don't end up heavy-handedly applying blush that might have me looking like Tammy Faye and; 2) to take advantage of the more "forgiveness" natural light has to offer on my dark circles and fine lines.  :)

While it is widely accepted that natural light makes everything and everyONE look better and it is where we prepare ourselves to meet the world each day; bathrooms are often the darkest rooms in the house.  Which is why I love that the architect of our friend's home at the beach had the foresight to do this in both master baths:

I apologize for the poor pic. (Ironically, not good lighting :)).  

I am all for the idea of rethinking the bathroom "vanity wall" to include a window allowing natural light to be the main source of light for the mirrors during the day.

This is obviously something that has been with me for a while as I ripped this photo out of the March 2003 Better Homes & Gardens

I also love this idea applied to a dressing area
 What do you think about taking the mirror off the wall and or including windows in a bathroom design? 

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