Monday, November 28, 2011

Gift Ideas for Kids

In honor of "Cyber Monday", I thought I'd share a few of my favorite gifts for kids from the most famous e:tailer of all: Amazon.

  1. Usborne Sticker books - This is absolutely my favorite children's publisher.  These sticker books are perfect for travel in the car and there is a great variety for girls and boys.  
  2. Dress A Snowman Kit - As if another motivation for it to snow were needed! :)
  3. How to Draw UglyDoll book & UglyDolls - for unknown reasons, my girls love these ugly guys and  they seem to have staying power because I keep seeing them year after year.  They would get an extra kick learning how to draw them and coming up with their own ugly "cuteness".
  4. Portable ping pong set - I must admit, this is something that looks like as much fun for me as for them.... I can hear the giggles now as their daddy and I take each other on for a match.
  5. Mr. Sketch scented markers & Melissa & Doug doodle pad - I was so jealous of my friend's Mr. Sketch "smelly markers" when I was a kid and they haven't changed a bit..... they're still wonderful.
  6. Acorn Daisy Mule Slipper & Foamtreads Slipper - why, ofcourse! :)
  7. Owl Talking Alarm Clock - I know I could always use a little help getting the kids out of bed in the morning!
  8. Children's bib apron - Because cooking with little ones can be fun..... and messy!
  9. Laugh Out Loud Jokes for Kids - Because every kid deserves to be in the spotlight and it feels good to make people laugh.

    How about you?  Any good gift recommendations for kids?

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