Monday, October 03, 2011

iPhone app: Red Stamp

I think I will always be a traditionalist when it comes to correspondence.  I love peering in the mailbox and seeing a hand-written address peaking out among the bills.  I love pulling out old cards and notes that have been tucked away in a drawer every once in a while to reflect and reminisce about an occasion or event in life.  I love taking the time to sit down with a piece of personalized stationery preparing to write a note..... yet, ALAS I realize I need to recognize that "times, they are a changin" and in a world of texting, tweeting, e:mailing and facebooking I'm getting dust kicked in my face!

Enter the Red Stamp iPhone app.  It has helped me take a baby step toward getting up to date in that it offers the look of stationery so your recipient can feel that you've taken a small additional effort to make an electronic invite, thank-you, birthday greeting, etc. special; while taking advantage of technology and delivering it via an e:mail or tweet.

With over 400 designs to choose from; it's not as cookie cutter as you might think.  Here are a few I've used:

And to appeal to traditionalists like me, they will even print out a postcard for you if you'd like and send it with a stamp for a small fee. The app is free. You can find out more here.

All in all, I guess it doesn't really matter how a message is sent; just so you let your reader know how you feel.

What's your vote?  snail mail or e:mail?


  1. Alright, that does it. I must have an I-phone.

  2. oh i love it! I'm a fan of both! And I am getting this app immediately!

    love it.



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