Friday, September 30, 2011

Vintage objects as art

I love a good story..... especially one told thru objects passed down from generation to generation: old black & white family photos; my grandmother's cocktail ring; old recipes of my mother's; a crocheted afghan (when was the last time you heard that word used to describe a throw? :)) from an aunt.

Perhaps that's the reason I love the idea of framing vintage objects like those shown below.  Whether passed down thru family or purchased; they allow you to tell your own story or imagine one; and add so much interest to a room.

So, start digging and see if you can't find something that, when framed and seen each day, will bring a smile to your face remembering...... or if you're not the sentimental type hunt down granny's old swimsuit anyway....... those babies above sell for between $550 and $1575!

Have a great weekend!

images 1 & 2image 3, image 4 (my home)

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  1. I love framed family items.


Thanks for sharing!