Monday, January 19, 2015

Explore: The Maldives

Prior to moving to Europe, I honestly could not have told you where the Maldives were… But, it didn't take long to start hearing the buzz from the Europeans regarding one of their favorite getaways…. these islands surrounded by crystal clear waters, sandy beaches, wonderful people, seclusion…. That, and one simple Pinterest search is all it took for my guy to set his sights on getting us there…

So, last month…. we took a dream vacation along with some close friends to celebrate our 20th anniversaries (theirs in 2014 and ours coming up in 2015).  And, yep, it was all that…

warm, inviting waters; the most stunning star-filled sky I have ever seen; beautiful sunrises and sunsets... perfect peace except for the sound of our bicycle tires in the sand…. Paradise found indeed.


  1. adding it to my travel list! ;)

  2. Glorious photos!
    Where did you stay?

    1. Hi Suzanne! We stayed at the One and Only. It was amazing! I highly recommend.

  3. Beautiful photographs! Looks like a fantastic vacation. Jenn. W.

  4. Debbie PorterJanuary 27, 2015

    God is the best designer - coral sunsets, flat white sand beaches, tall lush trees, and water the color of jade. Truly perfection.


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