Thursday, December 04, 2014

Gift Giving: The Little Ones

When it comes to choosing gifts for the little ones in my house (and life); I love to opt for things that might spark or foster a passion in a certain area…. be it belting out the latest Taylor Swift song or in the case of my 9 year old…. origami. :)  Here are a few things catching my eye this Christmas for...

the future pop star - child's guitar
the snow baby - snow tube
the Star Wars fanatic - Star Wars origami
the little chef - child's apron
the nature lover - binoculars
the budding Picasso - Drawing Book 


  1. I love gifts that foster a passion! I hope you will gift your girls a travel journal and travel set of watercolors, pencils and pens.
    love to give them an art class.....happy giving!

  2. I totally agree - the guitar is a great idea!!


Thanks for sharing!