Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Share the love...

In my experience, there are few things that can lift the spirits more than doing something nice for others… especially when they aren't expecting it.  Love this simple idea of sharing gratefulness and love by gifting friends a loaf of bread or other treat with this adorable free printable.

 … sure would make a great hostess gift for that sweet gal or guy cooking your Thanksgiving bird this year too… :)  A couple tried and true recipes here and here.

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  1. A new client came to me to illustrate her "Thanksgiving Card" and I nearly fell over. It sure is sweet to let others know how happy they make us with cards, a kind hello and sweet caring gifts. Sharing love is really what the holidays are all about. Thankful for you and all that you share. You would also love "Everyday Occasions" blog - she has great packaging items for baking needs and recipes too. xo


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