Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Just One Thing….

Yoo Hoo!  Is anyone there? (Oh, hi mom!)  

Sorry I've been MIA for a quarter of a year… but, as it turns out, life away from this computer is pretty alright. :)  That said, however, I've missed capturing those little daily inspirations here at House of Marlowe.  So, I'm back…. with a new approach.  ONE thing a day… be it a recipe, photo, pair of shoes, great book, beautiful room…. you get the idea.   First up; this song and video….

I hope you'll join along in finding your one thing a day too.


  1. Welcome back! It has been a great summer with you.

  2. Oh, we are here! So glad to have a little House of Marlowe inspiration during my 10 minutes of quiet time with my cup of coffee! TTFN friend!

  3. Great to see you back! I check this blog every day to see how you are doing. Love your photos!


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