Friday, October 03, 2014

Just One Thing: Babbel

…speaking of words in print…. it seems you can barely shop anymore without spotting French quips screen-printed on the fronts of cell phone covers, pillows, tees and sweaters…. making knowing some of that en-vogue language all the more appealing… (assuming you like to know what you are sporting) :)

I'm on my third year of living in the French speaking part of Switzerland and I'm sad to report that my French is definitely more of a sputter than a spark.  Yet, I persist.  My latest guide takes the form of the online program, Babbel, introduced to me by my French friend who is using it to learn her third language… German (overachiever!)

If you are looking to brush up on your high school Spanish; pick up some frequently used phrases for an upcoming trip to Italy; or, heck, want to learn Portuguese just for the sake of continuing education…. I recommend checking it out!

Separately, I've received a few e:mails indicating some folks weren't able to view the video I posted on Wednesday…. my apologies…. it is Steven Curtis Chapman performing "Glorious Unfolding"…. hopefully, you can find it here….

Bon weekend mon amis!  

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