Thursday, October 16, 2014

Fall Fashion: Shoes

Truth be told…. you are more likely to find me buying an apron or a blue and white ceramic bowl than a new pair of shoes.  As with many other things; I tend to stick with a few classics in footwear and then wear them on repeat until forced to replace them…. with the same or very similar pair (i.e. dark brown riding boots; black rain boots, cap toe ballet flats… even my moccasin slippers!).  Which is why it's a little bit of a surprise that this season I have two new "must-haves" popping into the rotation…. the kitten heel and oxford; both in black. These shoes look great with both jeans or black skinnies (which is all I wear in the Fall/Winter)… so really, it's just a matter of mood…. girly and feminine for date night or a little more masculine and practical for running errands….

…. what's your 'must have' shoe for Fall?

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  1. These 80 year old feet demand gym shoes or what another member of my family refers to as "old lady shoes." Oh how I can wish to wear such styles as these! Honestly, a difficult thing to lose!


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