Thursday, June 12, 2014


During the Whit Monday holiday widely celebrated throughout Europe this week, we ventured to the Medieval town of Perouges, France.... an hour from Geneva.  There we discovered a charming little walled village that used to host many merchants who would sell their wares from shelves that opened out onto the streets from their shops...  Mostly a tourist destination today.... we enjoyed experiencing a tiny bit of what it must have been like hundreds of years ago.... trying slices of the local specialty... a sweet galette (amazing!), experiencing how difficult it is to walk on cobblestones (ouch!); and checking out the town museum housing centuries old knights' armor, weapons, sewing looms, artwork... and, of course, a beautiful garden.

My favorite way to spend a few hours is exploring an old village like this; walking down the paths and getting lost in the wondering.... If only those cobblestones could talk, I think.... I sure would love to hear their story...

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