Thursday, March 13, 2014

The View from Here...

There seems to be a general consensus among fellow expat friends in Geneva regarding the two biggest blessings of living here..... 1) spending a lot more time together as a family; and 2) the TRAVEL.... In the time that it used to take me to drive to a dance competition in the States; I can now be sitting in a piazza in Italy; strolling thru a market in France; or exploring the countryside in Switzerland.... it truly is a gift not taken lightly....  these experiences savored and cherished.

Here's a little snapshot of a couple of recent excursions...

Chamonix, France

Hosting friends from the States is always a great excuse to visit our favorite towns.  A couple of Sundays ago; we headed here again, in search of some sun above the clouds.  We had some lunch in the village and then boarded a little cogwheel train that took us up the mountain and delivered us to some spectacular views of a glacier....

see the paragliders?

    can you spy the skier above? (hint:  about an inch above the "(")      

400 steps down (and back up) to get a look inside...

One word:  Incredible.

London, England

And then, last weekend, my oldest, Ashtyn, and I took a girls' trip with a fellow expat family to London.  A complete departure from Chamonix; this weekend was all about speaking the English language; shopping at our favorite American stores like the Gap, Anthropologie and J.Crew; eating our favorite American food... Starbucks, Chipotle; and taking in some theater....   

London is one of my absolute favorites.

Folks ask me if I'm going to miss all this travel when I return to the States; and, of course, I will.... but, will I be just as happy to be found on a stretch of highway... in the car with old friends... in the middle of Indiana... on the way to a dance competition... stopping at a Cracker Barrel for dinner?..... you hashbrown casserole and cheese grits better know I will!  :)  


  1. Those icy pics are amazing! I spent way too much time trying to find the skier-- unsuccessful. I think I need glasses.

  2. Yep- will miss y'all at comp this weekend. We'll stop at CB and think of you! I'm still looking for that elusive skier!


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