Tuesday, March 25, 2014


A few folks have recently asked me about what makeup I use and the first words that always jump out of my mouth are "oh, I have the most amazing product...."

Now, to be fair, I never put a speck of what could be called "foundation" or "base" (are those terms even used anymore?) on my skin until last summer when I started noticing uneven skin tone and a few, well, age spots (bleh!)   So, I don't have any history in the category.  I simply explained my desires to the nice woman at Nordstrom (something very light-weight because I (and my kids) seem to touch my face a lot; something easy to apply; something that avoids that "paste" look at all costs;  and a little sunscreen would be nice).  And, although she was a MAC saleswoman; she smiled and said I have just the product for you....

Ofcourse, I mentally balked at the Chanel name and price tag at first, but once she applied it (with a brush) and I saw/felt the result; I was sold.  It perfectly delivers on all my requests and I've been happily singing its praises ever since.  Turns out that it is quite a good value too.... given I just finished that original bottle two days ago... meaning it lasted nearly 8 months!

Now, I'm ready to try something new:  the rms beauty living luminizor featured on J.Crew recently... I've long admired how natural and "fresh faced" their models always appear and I'm intrigued by all of the recent "buzz" about the benefits of "contouring".  I'm hoping it will work its magic on me!

I'll keep you posted.


  1. What a coincidence! I bought that same foundation a month ago. It's worth every penny! Can't go wrong with Chanel! :) XO,

  2. Debbie PorterMarch 26, 2014

    Recently I have received a few compliments for my "pregnancy glow". Deep down I know it is my MAC luminizer and/or my shimmering personality :)

  3. I've been following the Clinique skin care regimen since high school and they have gotten less chemical and more naturally/ecologically based through the years. The CC cream ( tinted) is great. I've been using bareminerals makeup for almost ten years and love how weightless it is.


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