Friday, January 24, 2014

Crazy Good....

Aside from friends, family, the English language (and the occasional barbecue sandwich); the thing I miss most about the States is listening to American music on the radio.... country music, and the station 104.3 in Cincinnati. (KLOVE).   That's why I was over the moon a few months ago when I was able to start streaming it from my computer in Switzerland.  I listen while I'm doing housework in the morning, cooking dinner; while the kids are playing...  The music lifts my spirits in songs that offer assurance of God's love on those not so good days and allows me to worship in a spirit of gratefulness on the days that are amazing.

So... imagine my delight when I was folding clothes while Holden & Marlowe were in the bathtub a couple of nights ago and I hear the sweet voice of Marlowe (age 4) singing the song "Bless the Lord oh my Soul"..... knowing all the words and repeating the verses over and over.  I thought my heart would literally burst with God's goodness in that moment....

.... those little ears have been listening along with me the whole time.

.... "let me be singing when the evening comes."...


  1. That is such a beautiful song and I bet its even more lovely sung by Marlowe. They are like little sponges, aren't they. Soaking up everything we do and say. Have a great weekend!

  2. Debbie PorterJanuary 27, 2014

    I heard the song this morning on K-Love! You're cultivating a heart of worship and gratitude in sweet Marlowe!


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