Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Gift Giving: Memories

Perhaps I'm feeling overly sentimental given our trip home last week.... but I got teary-eyed when I stumbled upon this website this morning and read their mission....

ARTIFACT UPRISING // inspired by the disappearing beauty
of the tangible / bettered by a community of inspired
storytellers / driven by the belief everyone has a story
to tell. Tell On.

As a lover of photography, memories and all things sappy and beautiful.... I think I may have found my gift giving destination.... at prices that warm my heart too!

I promise to get it together soon (I think). :)


  1. I made a beautiful pillow on Shutterfly for my mom with a picture of all 8 grandkids. I love it and I think she will be very happy with this gift. Photo gifts are my "go to" gifts for my family. Love, love, love a good photo.

  2. love this, thank you for sharing! I have meant to use blurb ever since your blog post a long time ago…how does this site differ. Do you prefer one over other….or are they completely different and I didn't read enough of their site ha.

    1. Hi Jennifer! Blurb allows you to easily link to blog posts so that you can create a hard copy book of some of your posts. I did this with my "Photo a Day" posts last year. I'm excited about the Artifact Uprising site for gifts. I think wooden blocks with the photos would be perfect for my husband's desk at work and I love the calendar for the grandparents. Ofcourse I go crazy with Printstagram too for gift tags and little enclosures to gifts.... too much to consider!


Thanks for sharing!