Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas in Review

Christmas came and went with more of a whisper than a shout this year at our house.  With no plans to travel to the States and no family visiting.... it was the first Christmas ever spent with just our little family of 5.  The chaos I anticipated in this post actually didn't happen at all (ok, minus the Nerf Gun that Santa brought my 8 year old).  Instead, quiet afternoons, gatherings with other expat families, day trips, and new European traditions took the place of our usual beloved hustle and bustle..... and, you know what?..... it was wonderful.... Here's a glimpse at the past week...

I loved perusing the Christmas markets.... this one featuring a tall and skinny Pere Noel.... hmmm? :)

I'm charmed by the European attention to great gift wrapping.... they love adding little trinkets to packages.... and I've happily adopted the tradition

Case in point.... gifts from our sweet Swiss neighbor adorned with cute pom-poms

 I unintentionally bought color themed stocking stuffers for my 13 year old.... yes, I might have a problem.

My family's favorite European holiday dessert.... the buche de Noel..... delicious rolled cakes with cream fillings

Every village has it's own Christmas tree and signature lights throughout town creating a magical 

I'm always happy to sport a festive neckline or big bauble on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day

Marlowe's Christmas morning fashion statement.... new legwarmers over her Christmas pjs....

Fun under the (felted) mistletoe.... which the nice shopkeeper informed me was actually a cancer on a tree but meant to bring good luck.... I'm going to stick with the American folklore on this one.

Pretty much.... all was calm and all was bright....'s hoping yours was too.

for more of our holiday antics revelry.... go here.

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