Monday, October 28, 2013

Postcards from...

The girls were on Fall Break last week so we headed to Paris to pick up some friends from the States  (no, I never thought that would be something I'd do in my lifetime) and embark on a Tour de France of sorts..... first stop Giverny and the home of the world-renowned impressionist painter Claude Monet.  Despite the fact that it isn't even prime blooming season, I found myself "oohing and aahing" at a frightening rate..... 

the house was pink with green accents (Lilly would have approved) and has been maintained in almost exactly the state as when he died.... (loved the couple sitting in front happily whiling away the time under their umbrella)

I snuck this picture in the kitchen....loved the blue tiles.... the dining room was bright yellow
"Color is my day-long obsession, joy and torment" - Claude Monet

no words....

"I perhaps owe becoming a painter to flowers" - Claude Monet

look familiar?.... the inspiration

 a little souvenir for one of my artists in residence

..... if I came here in peak season, I might actually weep.... it is that magical
Merci Monsieur Monet


  1. CAN NOT BELIEVE y'all were actually immersed in a painting! Wow!

  2. My favorite post now...even though I am green with envy;-)

  3. Oh, thank you for posting! I have added this to the must-see list. The arbor picture... my favorite... amazing.

  4. Beautiful! Can't believe you go to enjoy this kind of beauty! Love these pictures!

  5. That should read "got" instead of "go". That's what happens when I try to do something way too fast.

  6. you snuck a picture!!! My husband still talks about those copper pots...we were too timid to sneak a pic haaaa. What a beautiful time to visit...we went in April, freezing cold hardly a bloom out. Your girls are going to be such cultured adults!


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