Friday, October 11, 2013

Postcards from...

Last weekend, my guy and I had the rare occasion to tag on a few days to his week-long business trip to Istanbul.... and what a treat (and stark departure from this).... it was.  Despite the political unrest plaguing the country; we were charmed by the amazing food, friendly people and lively culture this ancient city has to offer.  Here's a little Taste of Turkey (pre-Thanksgiving style) :).... 

Topkapi Palace - residence of the Ottoman Sultans from 1465 - 1856

Underground Cistern - built in the 6th century
Hagia Sophia - basilica-mosque-cathedral; now a museum

Cruise Ship Parking?
Blue Mosque - a still active mosque built in 1609

for washing before prayers
Grand Bazaar

Spice Bazaar
Turkish simit for breakfast - tastes like a bagel
Fresh fish for lunch

turkish 'pancakes' for dinner
Dolmabahce Palace
decorated in the French style (sadly, no photos allowed) - by far the most spectacular palace I've been to thus far

Turkish Delight - souvenirs

The weather has officially "turned" here in Geneva.... here's hoping you still have a few days of sunshine and warm weather left in your neck of the woods! Happy weekend!


  1. Fantastic pics. Thanks for sharing. Istanbul has a look all it's own. Beautiful!

  2. I was logging on to ask if Alison had placed an order for a carpet or two? I am sure you heard the refrain "carpets? kilims?" once or twice.
    Great job capturing the city! JW

  3. Beautiful! I want to make it to Turkey one day.

  4. Beautiful pictures! Looks like a wonderful week in Turkey. We are enjoying our last week of nice weather... Supposed to get frosty next week!

  5. How beautiful! So much culture everywhere there. I only spent a day in Turkey (on a cruise) so I would love to go back


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