Thursday, September 12, 2013

master of my domain....

.... or, in this case, my inbox.  The idea of "simplifying" keeps screaming at me in all parts of my life (why do we often resist what we know will make us happier?!?) .... so I've been spending some time this week unsubscribing from all of the online promotions and/or web-site subscriptions that only serve to bungle up my brain (and my wallet) and complicate my day with distraction.

However, there are certainly sites that truly do inspire..... one of which for me is Domaine Home.... have you seen this?

Chock full of beautiful images, sources, recipes and tips.... this one is a keeper.

Now back to the task at hand..... darn you J.Crew!!! :)


  1. That certainly looks worthy! I don't have any subscriptions/temptations come to my email. WAY to cluttered and overwhelming for me! :)

  2. Dreamy...especially that big white kitchen with the four French chairs!

  3. just had this exact conversation with a friend over the simplify my life but not be simple. I don't subscribe to the sites, blogs etc. that disrupt that way of thinking. Your blog the perfect example...a full life through experiences. Y'all have given your girls such adventures while in Europe....bravo!


Thanks for sharing!