Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The View from here...

A few things that have been happening around here lately...

my new favorite accessory.... these cheapies from H&M;
a beautiful marina on Lac Leman in Morges, Switzerland;
Holden's first taste of the good life...... a cappuccino..... she hated it :);
what "pancakes" look like in France.... this one filled with ham and cheese;
a Springtime aerial view of Switzerland; this is nearly gone now;
our favorite collection over the years.... these from Barcelona;
a new collection started recently..... postcards.... this one from an outing here yesterday...

What are you collecting these days?


  1. Putting together a collection of the people who visit us in Geneve over the year.

  2. Boxwwoods ~ several still waiting to be planted in my pots! :)

  3. Pennies... to come to Switzerland!


Thanks for sharing!