Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Color Crush: Lilac

cocktail ring, converse, nail polish, forever 21 maxi dress, tote

This color has been happily popping up in my life recently... in the blooming wisteria in our village; on the label of my new favorite breakfast condiment, lavender miel; to a Mother's Day gift; a new tank; and these beautiful blooms my husband brought home to me Monday (perfectly coinciding with our first opportunity to dine al fresco)..... lilac epitomizes the word "lovely" in my book.

Do you have a color wooing you these days?


  1. Love you in lilac!

  2. I just picked the first Lilac from my yard! What a treat it is:) and I'm sorry it only blooms once a year. Great picks:)


  3. I just bought some hydrangea bushes that have this lilac color in them. I hope when we get them planted Thursday night that they last and give us the beautiful lilac color all summer. There is a touch of yellow in them as well. Yellow and lilac together are beautiful!

  4. I always love lilac because you drop the 'c' and you have my daughters name :) The color that always speaks to me is teal, I don't know why I just love it. Probably has something to do with the ocean.


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