Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Fashion: The Spring/Summer Closet

I was more than happy to spend a couple hours yesterday tackling this chore.... banishing all my heavy sweaters, dark colors and that tiresome winter coat to storage in favor of light-weight fabrics and cheerful hues.   Summertime dressing is my favorite.... perhaps because one can rely on a handful of simple basics and have fun adding a few new pieces each season.  Here's a handful of my "must-haves"that never seem to fail me... year after year...

What are your "go-to" pieces for Spring/Summer?


  1. I love that one-piece suit. Such a pretty color!

  2. Long and Lean are my favorite and I was just looking at this white version last week. I do dresses/skirts and flip flops all summer.

    1. The Gap Long and Lean white denim are my absolute favorite. I have three of the exact same pair! I've tried more expensive brands but I keep going back to these..... and when I'm not wearing them; I have on a dress or skirt too.

  3. I didn't know I needed a cute little basket clutch! :)

  4. Mint Green + Navy + Gold...a blissful summer in the making!

  5. Love that swim suit and anything with white jeans! Can't wait to get rid of my winter clothes. We were wearing sweaters and coats last weekend!
    xo Nancy


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