Thursday, March 07, 2013

Postcards from...

If you happened to hear an unexplained shriek of delight, oh, say around 1 pm last Thursday; followed by another about 15 -20 minutes later..... well, that would have been me upon unexpectedly finding a dear friend from the States at my doorstep... and then as if that wasn't a big enough surprise.... being told that we were departing the next morning for a girls' weekend in Paris (my husband and she had cooked this whole scheme up).  

It goes without saying that we had a fantastic time.... like two giggling school girls doing (and eating) whatever we pleased in a city that is world-renowned for its sensory delights.  Unbeknownst to us, we descended smack dab in the middle of Fashion Week and the best people watching known to man (more on that in a later post).  But, we decided to leave the well-heeled crowd behind (we were in flats anyway) :) in favor of exploring the local flea/antiques market and farmer's market... along with an awe-inspiring stop at the Musee D'Orsay.... warning:  you are about to experience a photo explosion....

You really need an entire day or more to do the antiques portion of this market properly.... so many beautiful treasures.... those chairs were screaming my name.... but, alas, no furniture returned home with us.  Instead, some pottery, vintage barware and art.

.... my love of the red lampshade and a local farmer's market.... definitely affirmed here. 

.... as was, more importantly, the blessing of friendship.
Merci beaucoup Alison!


  1. A surprise gf trip to Paris?! What a wobderful treat!

    I love the blue chair and the re snd white pair!! Can I give your husband my husbands email so he can teach him about surprise trips to Paris?

  2. what a wonderful surprise! Your husband needs to write a blog for all of the non-creative ones out there ha. I leave for Paris on April 1st...e-mail me any must dos off the beaten path. Any advice for the flea market...want to go this time but scared I'll get lost and waste my last day there. You seemed to have found some great vendors based on those pictures, lovely. Bravo again to your husband and friend, amazing!

  3. Could you be any luckier...girlfriend, Paris, and thrifting...during fashion week!!!

  4. Wow, that is such a wonderfully, delightful surprise for you! And going shopping in Paris, such fun. I personally love all the pictures, I could spend all day at outdoor markets and antique shopping.

  5. What a wonderful post and what a delight to relive all those sights! I am there if only in my mind, but what a great place to be. Thanks for the adventure and the friendship.

  6. What a wonderful friend and such a thoughtful endeavor by your husband. Truly a coup! I can't think of a better surprise!

  7. Lovely! (JW)

  8. How perfect! Last time I went was a total art museum trip. Next time I want to hit all the decor stores and antique fairs! Looks like a blast. You're living MY dream right there.
    xo Nancy

  9. MK HenniganMarch 17, 2013

    So fun to see the pictures from your trip to Paris. Allison contacted me for some suggestions and it looked like you all had a ball in Paris. To be there during Fashion Week had to be AMAZING. We just finished our last dance competition and missed having Ashton on the dance floor. Wishing you and your family a Happy Easter.


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