Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Here comes Peter Cottontail....

oh yes, here he comes and I can't get that song out of my head.  With the Easter crafts rolling in from school by the dozens; I'm craving sweet simplicity when it comes to "official" Easter decor..... you know that saying "use it up, wear it out, make it do or do without"?..... yep, that's pretty much it.   Aside from what Mr. Cottontail decides to leave in baskets for the girls; here's my plan for "eggstrordinary" Easter decor that leaves nary a crumb behind.....  

  • Filling an existing vase or apothecary jar with colorful jellybeans.  They'll get eaten and I can go back to fresh flowers, shells and such... 
  • Creating a "live" runner as the Easter brunch centerpiece.  The groceries here sell cute flats of wheatgrass year around but Pam has a great tutorial on how to grow your own.  I'll tuck chocolate eggs and a bunny into mine... the girls will love it.... the eggs will get eaten and I'll replant the grass in an urn or corral it in a basket afterwards to enjoy until it dies. :)
  • Repackaging store bought chocolate bunnies in cellophane sleeves with a scrap of gingham ribbon tied around their neck.... and attaching a gift tag with each guest's name.  These will serve as both a place card and a favor for Easter brunch guests who will happily tote them away leaving me with just the dishwasher to load. :)
How about you?  
Do you have any simple Easter decorating ideas or do you like to go all-out?


  1. I love the idea of re-wrapping the bunny with a gingham ribbon. I need more gingham ribbon in my life. I am not the best easter decorator but I found cute pink and green (one being gingham) bunnie cutouts at Michaels and put them on my front door.

  2. I'm loving your easy breezy plan! Thanks for the sweet shout-out, my grass is going crazy, may need a pre-Easter trim!

  3. We are having Easter at our house. I planned to fill some of my jars with candy and tie a ribbon around them, but other than that I needed some last minute decor ideas. These are fabulous! THANKS!!


Thanks for sharing!