Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Exteriors: The White Picket Fence

In the spirit of President's Day yesterday and my recent travels abroad.... a deep-rooted appreciation for the "American Dream" and all that it embodies.... freedom, opportunity, hope.....
It certainly doesn't have to involve a white picket fence; but they sure are nice.....

"Father of the Bride" movie

I'll take mine laden with flowers please :)

Have a great day everyone!


  1. So pretty! I would take mine with flowers also. I've always loved the Father of the Bride House.

  2. That Father of the Bride house is perfect. All of these photos are just beautiful!

  3. I've loved mine since the day we put it in! I never wanted flowers on it because of the painting issues, hmmmm....you've got me thinking!

  4. After reading this post, I thought all those beautiful and classy fences are all natural wood. This type of alternative fencing material can really help save our environment. Especially white picket fence.

    White Picket Fence

  5. I need a white picket fence with hydrangeas oozing over!

  6. A white picket fence, for me, symbolizes this suburban life with a beautiful and happy family that's living peacefully. It usually goes with a beautiful garden with gorgeous flowers and an array of plants. Every inspiration that you have in here is truly amazing! One day, I would like to have my own picket fence with a vast garden full of beautiful flowers.


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